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Backlit Signs and Tunnel-Road
safety equipments

Backlit Signs and Tunnel-Road
safety equipments

Backlit Signs and Tunnel-Road
safety equipments

Equipments compliant with safety directives and regulations in road tunnels, roads and highways in general, in accordance with the main Italian and European regulations.


The strong evolution of safety regulations in the field of road tunnels, roads and highways in general has prompted TecnoTun to design and manufacture specific equipments for this particular installations.


The company policy is dedicated to a constant technical research to be able to offer more and more technologically advanced and more practical devices on the market with regard to installation and maintenance; systems updated with technical innovation to meet every customer need and every new technical regulation.


All our signs have obtained CE certification in class L2 according to UNI EN 12899-1


The technological evolution is pushing more and more towards the search for more performing products and with ever lower consumption, hand in hand with an increase in the level of quality of the raw materials and accessories used. On this trend, the company is constantly looking for ever higher standards for customer and end user satisfaction.


Our company is able to provide assistance to the end customer and consultancy in the design phase to adapt its products to your needs. In addition, the company can satisfy any requests outside the standard production.

Our main products

for road tunnels

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  • Backlit Road Signs for tunnels
  • SOS Emergency cabinets and Voip phones
  • Anemometers for tunnels
  • Gas Sensors and visibility sensor
  • Evacuation Led Lights
  • Fog lights and Markers
  • Rotating Signs
  • Emergency door Lights
  • Jet Fans
  • Fire detection units
  • Fire resistant junction boxes
  • Fire doors REI 120
  • Tunnel lighting